Write For Reelgood

Ladies and Gentlemen! Keen bean bloggers of all ages! Right here is your time to shine. We figure that more than one voice on this flash and fancy site is all well and good but we want ourselves a choir. A vast army of film-loving folk who all have varying opinions, observations and unique perspectives on anything that’s crossed the silver screen. Help us Reelgood readers, you’re our only hope.

This happy little sites main focus is to turn it into something that anyone can get involved in and that includes you. We want keen writers to stretch their cybernetic legs, kick off a discussion or interesting read and say to themselves, “by gum! I wrote that!”

Seen a film that either stirred your soul or left you hammering your fist into the ground in blinding anger? Good, we want to know about it. Maybe you’ve some breaking news that hasn’t caught our attention yet and want to tell the world? Smashing, go right ahead. Or in your free time, perhaps you’ve compiled a list of Nicolas Cage’s scariest stares to date? Well aren’t you wonderfully weird for doing so, bring that along as well.

There’s no necessary word count required for the post. Babble or be as brief as you like as long as you think it makes for a good read. The only requirement we ask is that whatever picture accompanies the story/feature/review is no larger than 750 x 400 pixels. That’s it!

So what are you waiting for? Get hammering away at that keyboard and let us get a little slice of your cinematic perspective on things. Go on, make it Reelgood.