Yesterday Warner Bros. laid all their cards out on the table and undoubtedly left competing studios shivering to see what they could deliver. Sure Marvel might have a couple of Avengers sequels on the cards, and new heroes to introduce, but the water tower has franchises, some new, some old, and some spin-off that have them settled for the next decade. Our minds are officially blown.

It’s a story so big it couldn’t even sit in the news section, a revelation so stupendous it needed a slot all to itself and maybe the occasional smacked gob. Behold DC fans as Warner Bros. have revealed their mammoth movie schedule from now until 2020 and it’s littered with wizards, specially gifted warriors and…erm, Lego. Read on and for the love of all that is holy have your calendar ready, you may want to book the day off in advance.

Confirmed casting choices, totally secure trilogies and more Caped Crusaders than you can shake a stick at. Have a flick through below.

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