A close competitor to even Game of Thrones, Michael Hirst’s battle-heavy history lesson Vikings has gained him a lot of attention, warranting him the opportunity to look at other chapters in history, most recently with the aid of Martin Scorsese who has his eye on ancient Rome with The Caesars.

The Guardian reports that the two creative forces have teamed up with plans to tell the story of ‘the youth and vitality’ of early Roman leaders, including Julius Caesar. Currently a pilot has already been penned along with a series outline. Although no networks have put a bid in for the property, the two are keen to get things going with a schedule planned for 2019 and you can expect such a union will no doubt draw in some attention.

This particular area of history has made the occasional trip to television in the past, with the somewhat slow-mo blood-soaked take on Spartacus as well as the woefully short-lived BBC series, Rome. Neither made a dent as much as Hirst’s Vikings however, and we can only hope that he recaptures the magic working along with Mr. Scorsese who has dabbled in television in the past, with the likes of Boardwalk Empire. The Caesars may be heading for a similar success.

As for who’ll be picking this up, it’s worth noting that the bushy-browed cinematic legend is tying things up with his De Niro, Pacino and Pesci-starring impending thriller The Irishman for Netflix. Could the Benefactors of binge-watching sign another deal with Scorsese with The Caesars. Stranger things have happened.

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