Two new writers roll out.

If DreamWorks carry on going the way they are, they’ll have enough writers on their brain trust Transformers team to build their own supreme writing robot. They can call it Typeatron or some such nonsense, and it’d still make a billion dollars regardless. Failing that, they can carry on trying to write a new take on the universe of robots in disguise that now has the added assistance of Christina Hodson and Lindsey Beer.

These two scribes are the latest to join the team that already consists of The Walking Dead’s Robert Kirkman, Iron Man’s Art Marcum and Matt Holloway, Zak Penn who worked on X-Men: The Last Stand, and Jeff Pinkner who put the final nail in the coffin of Sony’s web-shooters with The Amazing Spider-Man 2. Coincidentally, Beer has dabbled with self-aware automaton’s having scribbled up the Short Circuit remake that hasn’t had a lot of mention recently. Fingers crossed it stays that way.

Bumblebee, still waiting for the writers to give him a voice.

Bumblebee, still waiting for the writers to give him a voice.

With this squad of keyboard hammering loons joining forces, the plan for Paramount is to expand on the world of Optimus Prime and go down the Marvel route of spin-offs. It was recently mentioned that Bumblebee was one of the key characters to get his own gig, hopefully when they’ve fixed his beat box considering we’ve had to listen to radio samples for four whole films now.

Even with all these added screenwriters planning to tweak the Transformers universe, there’s no confirmation on how it will follow on from Age of Extinction, the last overblown and paradoxical box-office hit that was god awful. Will Mark Wahlberg return to his role and will Michael Bay be there to guide him through the carefully set explosions? Hopefully not, eh?


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