New trailer lands for what could be Schwarzenegger’s game changer.

Arnie enthusiasts may see the star worlds apart from his usual area of ability in his upcoming film, Maggie which has just released a trailer online. Said expertise being cracking one-liners whilst blowing sh*t up, and probably looking good doing so. Instead, Mr. Schwarzenegger is set to play the troubled father of a zombie daughter and the terrible choices that come with it.

Directed by Henry Hobson in his debut project, Maggie sees The Ex-Governator play Wade, a farmer and father seeing dark days when a zombie outbreak tears across the globe. As if his world wasn’t falling apart enough, his innocent daughter Maggie (Abigail Breslin) falls victim to the infection, forcing Wade to deal with the untimely departure of his child, and her inevitable and nightmarish return.

Visually, the film looks to be doing a fairly decent job at showing another post-apocalyptic world ravaged by the undead but the real treat will be Schwarzenegger and the performance he delivers. Let’s call it how it is, Arnie has always been an icon of cinema for films that need only a small amount of brain matter to get involved. He’s the President of popcorn movies. Maggie could require him to really test his acting muscles though, and the results may surprise us all. Currently there are only a few release dates set, none of which are in the UK (sigh), but US audiences can meet Maggie when she and her Dad arrive in cinemas and on demand May 8.


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