The handy thing about directing one of Marvel’s biggest movies (besides gaining an alright bank balance), is your phone book probably triples in size, and it’s jam-packed with impressive screen talent. I wonder what Tom Holland is under in the Russo Brothers’ collective contacts list? H for Holland? T for Tom? (If so, how many times have they called Hiddleston by accident?) Maybe he’s under Spidey, just because? Either way, Variety has reported they’ve given him a ring for the main role in their upcoming film that doesn’t have the Marvel logo film at the front, and it’s called Cherry.

Though the chance of the titular fruit making an appearance is slim, there’s no question that it’s a heavy role for Holland to handle. Based on the book of the same name, Cherry will tell the true story of Nico Walker, an Army medic who, after returning home from Iraq, suffered extreme but un-diagnosed PTSD and fell into an opioid addiction, as well as robbing banks.

Not the sort of area you’d expect our friendly neighbourhood Spider-Man to be getting into, and that’s precisely why it’s so interesting. The story itself is based on the book written by Walker who had to handle the bidding war for it while serving time in prison. He’s scheduled for release in 2020 after being convicted in 2011. The book is being adapted by Jessica Goldberg, who is also working on Exit West, another project the Russo’s have in the pipeline in their own studio, AGBO.

Though there’s no confirmed dates or any other cast names but expect the cogs to turn pretty rapidly given the storytelling sibling’s excellent hit rate of late. Holland will be back (although ssh, we’re not supposed to know) in Avengers: Endgame which arrives NEXT MONTH (sorry), before he goes back to swinging solo in Spider-Man: Far From Home July 5.

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