Timecop-RemakeThough it would be hard to imagine anyone doing the splits across a kitchen work top like Jean-Claude Van Damme did in the original film, that hasn’t stop Universal from dusting off the Timecop property and giving it a rema…sorry, reboot. Interestingly though, the plan isn’t to retread over the film from the 90’s that saw JCVD ‘like totally change time’ as Monica Gellar once put it but instead venture into the pages from the Dark Horse comic book series from which it was based. See, don’t moan and groan so much – it’s not a remake but a comic book movie instead – we never have enough of those!

For those that might not recall the original film from the 90s, Timecop had Van Damme as a year-jumping law enforcer who was after a dodgy politician who used time travel to keep his career going. As a result it completely altered the laws of space and time and left our mulleted hero not in the best of moods. Interestingly the film didn’t do that badly and spawned a straight-to-DVD sequel starring Jason Scott Lee and Hitler as well as short-lived TV series in 1997.

By the sounds of tricks the Sergeant of Splits and Drunk Dance doesn’t seem to have had a call about this new take on one his more successful films from yester year, which will probably get up the backs of Jean-Claude Van Fanners. Currently though the idea is being chucked around at Universal before someone actually stops and takes time out to work on this, even though we didn’t really ask for it.

Expect more on this as it develops.


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