Man-Of-Steel-Poster-News-1The promotion mill for Man Of Steel continues to blur up any image that comes out from it and the latest trio of posters are no exception. Showing the boy in red and blue flying off to save the day, it’s still enough to get ReelGood excited about what could very well be the film of the year.

If you haven’t been clued in by the trailer that you should now have watched a good bajillion times, Man Of Steel is Zack Snyder’s take on Superman, the most iconic superhero ever to grace the comic book page. Exploring the life of the hero from alien orphan to farmer’s son to mild mannered reporter and saviour of the planet, Man Of Steel delivers a human take on the beloved superhuman and his effort to protect Earth from an old Kryptonian threat.

Check out the posters that have joined the ranks below and be sure to have another look at the latest TV Spot just as an extra special treat. Go on, it’s Monday – you’ve earned it.



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