Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to ReelGood. A nice warm little spot of cyberspace dedicated to film; that wonderful medium that allows complete strangers to sit together in the dark where they’ll laugh, cry and tell one another to politely shut the hell up if they don’t know how to whisper.

From news on the latest trailers that have hit the web, to the billionth comic book movie that has just got the green light, ReelGood will keep you lovely readers up to date on what’s going on and up to the big screen. Not only that, but there will also be the occasional feature, review of the latest releases, and heads-up on short films that were hidden right under your very nose.

Seeing as this site is just me on my lonesome, well there’s really no one else to talk to at the moment but me. If there’s anything you’ve seen and want to give some feedback on by all means get involved. However I do insist that you refrain from name calling, questioning my faith or arguing that Juno is in fact, a good film. I thank you.

Perhaps you’d like to add your two pennies and tell me what YOU would like to see from here on out.

Now on with the show…

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