TheSandmanThe final realisation of Neil Gaiman’s comic-book series, The Sandman feels as bizarre a dream as the landscape its set in. Well no, not quite as bizarre; there’s no gargoyles or Robert Smith-looking figure in sight (yet) but it’s still strange to imagine some of the names involved. As you may have already heard acting/directing/movie-loving gent, Joseph Gordon-Levitt has taken the reins of the project after the long up and down effort to bring the comic book series to life. Now it appears that he’s going that little bit further than any before him with news that he’s signed up scribe John Thorne to pen the script.

The news comes from Deadline who confirm that Thorne is on board to write for the film which follows the epic journey of Mephisto, the master of dreams. After being imprisoned by a spell for 70 years, our long-haired hero breaks free from his prison and goes off in search of his ancient tools that are used to keep the realm of dreams under control. Along the way, he runs into some trouble with all sorts of characters, most interestingly some from the DC universe.

It’s a tangled but beautifully told tale and a massive project for not only JGL (who may or may not also be starring and directing) but also Thorne, whose previous credits consist of post-apocalyptic drama, How I Live Now as well as the TV series extension of This Is England. The upside of this all though, is that someone is finally braving a project that no one thought could be made and considering those involved. As well as JGL and Thorne, the treatment was in fact penned by David S. Goyer with Gaiman giving it all his blessing as producer along the Don Jon director and Looper star. Here’s hoping that fans dreams finally do come true The Sandman gets the big screen treatment he deserves.


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