When two brothers go to war.

There’s no doubt in any Marvel fans mind that Joss Whedon will have raised the bar when the Age of Ultron finally descends on the world next month. The only question is how will Marvel top it with their impending threequel and three-point-fivequel, The Infinity War Part I & II. Naturally being the House of Blooming Great Ideas, they may already have it covered following the news from Badass Digest that Captain America: The Winter Soldier directors, Anthony and Joe Russo will be tackling both chapters.

Marvel haven’t made an official announcement just yet, but it shouldn’t be too long before they do. Should such a major schedule plan have been put in place, it will no doubt leave Anthony and Joe as very busy brothers, especially considering that they’ll also be tinkering with the Ghostbusters chapter that Sony have tied them to in their multi-picture deal.


With Whedon handing over the keys to Avengers Tower, it would be safe to assume that the Russo’s will probably be keeping a watchful eye on all Marvel projects between now and when production starts on Earth’s Mightiest two-parter. Thankfully, they’ll already have set some foundation work when they get stuck into Captain America: Civil War, which will begin shooting next month.

With the film being so far down the line, there’s no other confirmed details as to who is in and who is out of the Avengers chunky chapter. What we do know is that Josh Brolin will be reprising his role as the Mad Titan, Thanos, who was glimpsed at in The Avengers and seen shuffling in his chair in Guardians of the Galaxy. When he was approached at last years Comic-Con as to what we can expect, the actor simply responded with that it’ll be “Thanos against everyone.” Honestly, just take my damn money.

What do you think of the potential applicants for what will undoubtedly be Marvel’s most monstrous instalment yet? Could the Russo’s pull it off? Or could Marvel in all their unbesmirched record still suffer from the curse of the filmic threequel? Sound off in the comments below. Also, try not to be too anxious over waiting for the Avengers to return, they’re back in Age of Ultron which arrives in UK cinemas April 23 (not to rub it in) and May 1 in the US.

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