Hugh Jackman got X-Men fans excited over the prospect that anyone who ‘put on a costume’ in previous films will be showing their face in Days Of Future Past. Now director, Bryan Singer has confirmed that a few more previous students of Charles Xavier’s School For Gifted Youngsters will be turning up. Namely, Anna Paquin, Ellen Page and Shawn Ashmore also known as  Rogue, Shadowcat and Iceman.

There you go, the info comes straight from the mutant movie maker himself, confirming that the necessary pieces required to adapt the beloved X-story arc are falling into place. For those that might not be familiar, Days Of Future Past was a grim chapter of Marvel’s gifted superteam and saw the group fight to avoid a potential future that would have anyone with the special mutant gene slung in prison camps.

Kitty Pryde was the one tasked with sending this morbid message, which would explain Page’s involvement on the project. As for Rogue and Iceman? Well, they had a little thing going on in the previous films that got halted thanks to Pryde’s apperance in The Last Stand, so who knows what part they’re going to be playing.

These aren’t the only franchise familiars making an appearance, of course. Singer revealed a while back that both Ian McKellen and Patrick Stewart will be reprising their roles as Magneto and Professor X showing their faces alongside their younger on-screen selves played by Michael Fassbender and James McAvoy. Hugh Jackman will also be slicing and dicing as Wolverine. Hurrah.

Expect more names to be thrown into the mix as Days Of Future Past gets primed and prepped for 18 July, 2014.

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