Not satisfied with dominating the box-office or making us love the Dark Knight again, The Lego Batman Movie has descended on iPhone users as well, thanks to a nifty little trick slipped in amongst Siri’s circuit board.

If the value of asking Apple’s know-it-all assistant how much wood a woodchuck could chuck had faded, worry not, as now you can turn it into your very own Batcomputer as well. Refer to Siri as ‘puter’ and there’s a few zippy one-liners that will be spouted back to you so you can show off to your friends before tomorrow and everyone stops caring. Hey, you’ve got to start your Monday off on a jovial note, somehow. Here’s just some of the gems that popped up when we tried it, ourselves.

Speaking of The Lego Batman Movie, you can hear what we thought about it over on the latest episode of The Reelgood Podcast here, as well as a whole host of big opinions on the big-screen going’s on. Let us know what you think and be sure to subscribe for all upcoming video goodness.

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