Matt Damon’s latest sent to the stars.

Talk is already beginning to stir for what many are deeming as Ridley Scott’s return to form with The Martian. One verdict we’re waiting to get (just as soon as it’s transmitted that is) is from the audience that got a showing aboard the International Space Station.

Apparently their recent viewing – which tells the story of astronaut Mark Watney being trapped alone on the red planet – made for some good entertainment and didn’t phase the real-life astronauts who are clearly made of sterner stuff. This isn’t their first big film night either, as the crew sat down (well, floated around, probably) to watch Gravity in April as well.

There’s no confirmation yet on whether it’s been given their seal of approval just yet but it’d be interesting to get their thoughts on the matter. Seeing Damon’s space hero deal with life on Mars might be something for them to note, as their current stretch in space is being used to prepare for the potential voyage to the planet as well.

For the time being, us Earth-based beings can only wait for The Martian to touch down in cinemas September 30 in the U.K., and October 1 in the U.S.

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