Seth Grahame-Smith will race the fastest man alive.

Though their search for a replacement hasn’t exactly been of a super-speed, DC have announced that they’ve finally found someone to helm their feature-length Flash film, and it’s none other than Seth Grahame-Smith.

Not known for actually handling directing duties of late, Smith hasn’t really had that much to his list even with his writing duties either. After adapting his own somewhat historically inaccurate book Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter, Smith went on to write Tim Burton’s Dark Shadows, and has got to work on of the captain of kook’s sought after titles, the Beetlejuice sequel.

These aforementioned titles alone should suggest what sort of direction they’ll be sending Barry Allen, the CSI guy who after being struck by lighting gains an incredible super-speed and takes up the mantle of The Flash. The interesting thought is how this will fit in to DC’s already serious-set tones that have filled Man of Steel and look to be very present with Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.

Ezra Miller set to star as The Flash.

Ezra Miller set to star as The Flash.

Thankfully, time is on Smith’s side with the project, with The Flash’s solo gig not set until 2018. He’ll be played by Ezra Miller, who has long since been announced for the role and will be appearing with the rest of DC’s finest in Justice League Part One in 2017.

Of course, if you want to get a test run on what to expect, you can have a look at the TV adaptation of The Flash. It’s bloody brilliant and proves that no matter what Smith delivers, it really won’t be as good if it doesn’t have Grant Gustin as the scarlet speedster – and that’s a Flash fact.

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