Who ya gonna McCall?

If you didn’t get enough of Denzel Washington slowly walking away from explosions and dead bodies in The Equalizer then by jove are you in for  a treat. Sony in all their great filmic wisdom and email security have decided to expand on Washington’s new take on Robert McCall and are prepping an Equalizer 2 that he really has got to star in.

The film was the second collaboration between himself and his Training Day director Antoine Fuqua. The result was a so-so slug-filled action fest that saw Washington as a one man army protecting Chloe Moretz and running in to some trouble with the Russians. By the end of the film all those problems had been put to bed, so its uncertain as to what new threat he’ll be facing, or more importantly if Fuqua will be back to handle proceedings.

Though he is working with his leading man once again for the remake of The Magnificent Seven (which also stars Chris Pratt and Ethan Hawke), there’s no confirmation that Fuqua will be back for this. We can only imagine that Sony are fighting to make sure he does of course, because clearly no one can direct a nail-gun toting vigilante like Fuqua.

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