Finn Wolfhard of Stranger Things might be able to dump the replica proton pack he wore in the second season – as chances are he’s going to get a fully functional one after trying out for the Ghostbusters sequel. Variety has crossed streams with their sources who confirmed that he’s in talks be joining the follow-up to the original Ivan Reitman films, with the threequel being helmed by Jason Reitman, alongside Carrie Coon.

Already no stranger to the supernatural, Wolfhard has already had things turned up to Eleven with Netflix’s smash-hit show, as well as appearing alongside a bunch of Losers in the first half of the IT remake. As for Coon, you may not recognise the face, but she was last seen tackling Black Widow, Okoje and Scarlett Witch in Avengers: Infinity War as Proxima Midnight. Here’s hoping makes it through this film without being flattened by a giant alien craft.


See the brand new teaser for Ghostbuster 3 set for 2020.

Currently, plot details regarding the upcoming Ghostbusters threequel are being kept under wraps, much like the Ecto-1 that’s been briefly shown in the teaser that was released recently. The move from Sony has caused a slight stir after the divisive Paul Feig reboot that was met with more boos than a haunted house.

Expected for a 2020 release, even this chapter has been met with a mixed reaction considering the studios tampering with such a beloved property. Here’s hoping the legacy doesn’t get slimed again, particularly with Reitman handling both writing and directing duties, and that busting makes us feel good again.


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