Smiles all round?

Picture the scene. Some top dog at Sony HQ is frantically typing their umpteenth reply concerning the email leaks and accidentally presses an emoji, and another, and so on…until suddenly they’re hit with all the stoic wisdom and creative know-how to believe they can make a film out of sad smileys and eye-wielding excrement. Hey, it’s got to be the only plausible explanation as to why news is out today that the movie studio is making a movie based on emojis.

Moving ahead at a worryingly alarming pace already, Deadline have reported that Anthony Leondis is already on board to direct the project that will somehow tell a story involving faces winking, or blushing or doing whatever the hell at each other, in a story that could probably occupy a single text message. Turns out that he stopped off at Sony, showed them these top-secret storyboards that are so crazy they just might work and well, job’s a good ‘un.

Perhaps the studio is hoping to replicate the success Warner Bros. had with The Lego Movie which (let’s face it) no one believed would become a success. Now after almost a year and a half, that mad-capped kids film has laid the paving for another sequel and two spin-off titles, so maybe Emoji: The Movie could follow in the same direction. Maybe. But probably not.


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