Nottingham is a proud little city that is known for a number of marvellous things. The key location for Saturday Night and Sunday Morning, This Is England and a brief home for Batman in The Dark Knight Rises. As far as the rest of the world goes, some may hear Nottingham and think of Robin Hood, be it in the form of Russell Crowe, Kevin Costner or a wiley fox with a mate who definitely sounds like Baloo. Now Sony hope to have another new take on the character who will be running around in one of those shared cinematic universes Hollywood seem to be so keen on at the moment.

You can’t blame them though, Marvel have shown just how much green can come from having characters stepping in and out of others films when they feel like it. It got Warner Bros. upping the ante for their DC world in waiting and Universal aren’t far behind with their plans for a muddle of iconic monsters. Sony’s plans are similar and they start with a potentially titled Hood, which would see the legendary outlaw accompanied by the likes of Will Scarlett and Little John, the difference being that his key members of Merry Men would eventually take off in their own solo films. Further reports from THR reveal that the studio plans to sprinkle the same ingredients used for the likes of Mission: Impossible and the Fast and Furious films. Could we have a medieval heist film on our hands? For the time being there’s really no idea. Cast and crew involved aren’t even mentioned as yet and so far it’s just a plan Sony have in the pipeline, but does it really scream success?

I’m a Nottingham fella, born and bred but even I would struggle to see the interest in a Robin Hood world of films. The characters aren’t that well-known and a lot of effort would be required to build a platform for characters to work off. We’ll just have to wait and see how it’s all handled if Sony even stick with the idea of Robin Hood and Little John walking through the forest again. Watch this space.

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