Lionsgate set to reload already.

It’s not uncommon for studios to put their faith in a property to such a degree that they start to see a franchise before they see the dollar signs. Sometimes it seems an idea worth investing in (Jurassic World) and others not so much (Fantastic Four). One film that is getting just such surprising treatment is Denis Villeneuve’s Sicario, boasting the stellar cast of Josh Brolin, Emily Blunt and Benicio Del Toro, the latter of which we could see the return of.

Set for release at the end of this month, Sicario follows Emily Blunt’s rough and ready FBI agent Kate, who crosses the border into the dark territory of the war on drugs. Del Toro plays the lethal gun Alejandro, guiding her through the maze of corruption and betrayal and has already been deemed as the actors best performance in years. Stands to reason then that he’s going to be the guy to get the attention for the second time round.

Speaking recently about Alejandro to Variety, Lionsgate co-chairman Patrick Waschberger explained, “before the release of this movie, I was talking to Denis and I said, ‘What happened to this character?’” says Lionsgate Co-Chairman Patrick Wachsberger. “Where is Benicio going?”

Considering the buzz that’s circling Sicario, I’d just like to know where he’s been. Unfortunately we’re going to have to wait another week to find out. What do you think though? Are Lionsgate counting their box-office chickens before they’ve hatched? Has it got you even more excited to see Sicario and find out what’s in store? Sound off in the comments below.

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