Pray for their souls.

It’s happening. The greatest comic book ever written (discuss) is finally being adapted into a TV series and today, Seth Rogen tweeted our very first look at two of its most iconic characters. Though the lights are down low, and there’s not much going on, this is our first look at Dominic Cooper’s Preacher man, and the incredible Arseface played by Ian Coletti.

Originally created by Garth Ennis and Steve Dillon, Preacher follows a fallen Texas holy man, Jesse Custer, who is possessed by a supernatural force. Bestowed with incredible powers, Custer also learns of God’s existence, and more importantly that he’s been laying back on the job when it comes to humanity. From here, Custer sets off on a trail across America with his ex-hitman girlfriend Ruth Negga, and a blood-sucking vampire named Cassidy (Joe Gilgun) to find God, and give him a good kick up the arse.

Standing as one of the first comic books I ever read, Preacher is a production I’m watching closely, as will the armies of fans of Ennis and Dillion’s original work. The promising sign is that at the head of this unholy creation are Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg, two openly obsessed Preacher pundits that still seem to be in shock that they’re being allowed to do this. We can only hope that their love of the source material shines through when Preacher arrives on our screens by way of AMC in 2016.


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