Make space for Spacey.
In the continuing effort to make games look to bloody photorealistic, a brand new trailer for the upcoming Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare showing just what is in store for you thumb-twitching FPS-lovers. It’s got boom, it’s got bullets, it’s got a CGI Kevin Spacey casually driving through a battlefield. Will it be any different from the previous games? Probably not.

Devised by the clever boffins at Activision and Sledgehammer Games, Advanced Warfare sees slaps us in a future that’s been hit hard by a global attack. Thankfully, a Private Military Cooperation known as Atlas led by Jonathan Irons (Spacey) is there to pick up the pieces and blow opposing forces away with some of the most effective firepower in the world. You’ll play Jack Mitchell (which must be said with the steeliest of glares), one of Atlas highly-trainted soldiers who goes about shooting people and stealing the enemies guns when he’s out of ammo.

Having not made the move to next-gen consoles yet, I managed to miss Call of Duty: Ghosts (which I’m told I should be thankful for apparently) but I’ve got to say there are some fancy gadgets I wouldn’t mind getting my hands on in Advanced Warfare, especially those Edge of Tomorrow-type exo-suits. Add in Spacey (who has shown in gaming skills in House of Cards on occasion) and this could sway me into finally forking out that obscene amount of money I’ll know doubt feel guilty for spending come November 4.


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