Reset the future.

If fans response to Terminator: Genisys is anything to go by, the future is already set for the upcoming sequel/reboot/whatever, and it’s one of certain failure. Having given the game away as to who the films big bad is in the last trailer (see above), there will no doubt be a unified groan with the arrival of some all-new character posters that repeat the message just in case you missed it.

Treading over new territory in an old timeline, Terminator: Genisys sees John Connor (Jason Clarke) send Kyle Reese (Jai Courtney) back to the past in an effort to protect his mother from the murderous machines sent to kill her. Times literally change though, when Kyle finds a weapon-ready Sarah Connor (Amelia Clarke) and a T-800 (Schwarzenegger) protecting her from new enemies. These events make a drastic alteration to the timeline Reese knows, forcing him to reset the future to save the past. Get it? Nope? Me neither, but look at the pretty posters below.

Being as subtle as a brick in the posters, John Connor is on full display as something more than man and machine. This newly revealed T-3000 doesn’t look the nicest of gents and will no doubt cause some trouble when he crosses paths with Arnie and the rest. Will it be enough to revive this failing franchise though? If fans thoughts are taken into consideration, probably not, but there’s no harm in keeping fingers crossed.

See for yourself if Terminator: Genisys will be a pleasant surprise or not when it arrives in cinemas July 1.

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