Even though it might have given some strong competition for a certain Martini-swirling super agent, Mission: Impossible failed to light the fuse when it came to villains. Besides the late and ever so great Phillip Seymour Hoffman in Mission: Impossible 3 there hasn’t really been a big bad we’ve hoped Ethan Hunt would take out other than Owen Davian but all that could change thanks to the recent addition of Sean Harris in Mission: Impossible 5.

Whilst trades might still be reporting that the Prometheus and Deliver Us From Evil star might not be on board just yet, director Christopher McQuarrie has confirmed on that social soapbox known as Twitter that is indeed on board.

It’s great news for the approaching M:I instalment considering that Harris has been attached to some rather intense performances in the past, so chances are that he could deliver just as much when he tries to take on IMF’s best bloke and his team of specialists. Currently filming in Venice already, Cruise will be reunited by Jeremy Renner and Simon Pegg who both appeared in Ghost Protocol. There’s still a will he? won’t he? hanging over Ving Rhames who could be back as Luther Stickell, who has been by Hunt’s side since the beginning (albeit only briefly in the last film) and could also be coming back too.

Expect further details to trickle out as filming continues for Mission: Impossible – The Super Secret Something Something  that’s set for release December next year.

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