Actor and director reunite for murderous adaptation.

He may be staying silent for most of The Revenant, but news confirms Leonardo DiCaprio has had words with Martin Scorsese about his long time passion project The Devil In The White City. THR have revealed that The Wolf of Wall Street star is reuniting with its director to tell the true story Dr H.H. Holmes, a notorious serial killer whose victims were set upon during the construction of the 1893 World’s Fair in Chicago.

After batting away studios to take the prize, Paramount have cut a deal with the dynamic filmmaking duo to produce the film based on the novel by Erik Larson. For those that may not have picked up his page turner, Larson gives a detailed look into Holmes who after moving to Chicago, opened up a hotel that also operated as a carefully constructed cage for his victims.

Nicknamed the White Castle by many, Holmes turned the building into his own personal labyrinth, loaded with disorientating hallways, over a 100 windowless rooms, stairways that led to no where and doors that opened to brick walls. It’s this house of horrors that DiCaprio has had the creative keys to for years and with Scorsese’s help he’s finally going to open up shop.

Holmes’ home, the nefarious ‘White Castle’.

Holmes’ home, the nefarious ‘White Castle’.

Admittedly, the script for The Devil In The White City has gone round the block a bit, with Warner Bros. being in possession of it for a time before having to pass it up. Now Captain Phillips’ Billy Ray has penned a draft that as a result, could speed this project right along at Paramount.

It’s really no surprise that DiCaprio has had his eye on this for such a long time, as it sounds like fascinating story, with a role that could show the evil and entertaining streak we’ve rarely seen. Add in to the equation the bushy-browed brilliance of Mr. Scorsese and The Devil In The White City could be another great addition to their top-class collaborations. Currently the two are still busy finishing up other gigs, with DiCaprio still going through what sounds like the horrid experience of The Revenant and Scorsese hard at work with Silence. For now we can only sit and wait until the gears start turning a little faster than before. Fingers crossed, folks.

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