History has dictated that Sacha Baron Cohen has been at his best when we didn’t know he was doing anything. Hiding in the shadows and striking out with some very questionable facial hair, he put Staines and Kazakhstan on the map via his pot-stirring political nightmares, Ali G and Borat. Now the countdown has commenced for his next big push to make supposedly smart people look like morons with his new show Who Is America? – and it’s going to air on U.S. television as early as next week.

Getting fans attention and no doubt causing some politicians to get a sweat on as they recall that strange interview that they hoped would never see the light of day, Who Is America? will see SBC don another ingenious disguise and a brand new identity. Hosting TV network Showtime are keeping their cards very close to their chest with the promos they’ve released, but the latest should be enough to get the show on your watch list immediately.

After the début tease focusing on Cohen’s own personal white whale Donald Trump, who berated the comedian’s earlier attempt to prank him (Trump is the only interviewee to walk out on Ali G) released a few days ago, the newest addition has the gob-smackingly brilliant snippet of former Vice President Dick Cheney signing a waterboard. You know, to show that he’s still giving that method of information retrieval a sturdy thumbs up. Sheesh.

Following his rather negatively received comedy spy film Grimsby, it’s good to see Cohen back to his old mischievous tricks. U.S. audiences can see the results when Who Is America? arrives July 15th. There’s no confirmation of anyone picking it up in the U.K. just yet, but honestly who cares because it’s coming home.

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