A necessary need to film the heck out of something has filled Ron Howard following his recent wrap up of racing drama, Rush. In the space of two days reports have revealed that the dude behind Da Vinci Code is not eyeing just one but TWO potential titles; an adaptation of Neil Gaiman’s The Graveyard Book as well as In The Heart Of The Sea. The latter project, should he take it, will also reunite him with Rush lead and part-time god of thunder, Chris Hemsworth.

The first rather cheery sounding page-turner, The Graveyard Book is based on a much loved tale by Gaiman and sees a young boy grow up in graveyard after escaping a serial killer known as The Man Jack, who takes his parents lives. Now understandably living on such a quiet uninhabited area might be a struggle but seeing as this is Neil Gaiman, things take a turn for the weird. In an eerie Jungle Book stylee, the orphaned boy is looked after by the ghostly residents as well as vampires and werewolves who keep an eye on the wonderfully named, Nobody Owens as he grows up.

The project has wandered through that etheral plain of film projects since 2009 when The Crying Game’s Neil Jordan picked it up, hoping to make something of it. Unfortunately that never came to and as a result, it was placed in the care of Henry Selick who directed Coraline (also an adaptation of Gaiman’s work) planning to give the story the same stop-animation treatment. Now it seems that any such plans aren’t going to pass now that Howard has his eye on the prize instead.

As if that didn’t sound like a job and a half, Howard’s second possible picture that has caught his attention sounds like a naval tale of epic proportions. Written by Blood Diamond’s Charles Leavitt, In The Heart Of The Sea is a true story based on the whaling ship, The Nantucket and its treacherous final voyage when it was taken thanks to a determined and wound-up sperm whale that attacked the vessel. Moby Dick, that sounds familiar! As it turns out, this is the very same event that inspired Herman Melville to write Moby Dick.

Hemsworth’s part in all this will be the ships first mate and leading lad, who has a whale of  a time (geddit? eh? eh?) trying to keep the boat afloat and his crew from going overboard.

Both projects sound like they have great potential but appear as rather big tasks as well. Fingers crossed then, that Howard takes one or both of them on with full force and expect updates on as they develop.

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