Raise your hand if you didn’t know that there was a sequel to the original RoboCop films on the way? Now put your hand down. Some of you may be out in public, in which case, you’re causing a scene. Yep, following the somewhat failed Joel Kinnaman-starring revival (no matter how perfectly fine it may have been), studio heads from up-on-high have decided to take the Halloween approach and pretend that certain chapters just never happened.

Of course, there’s been some time passed since the Alex Murphy’s last outing, is there going to be a different and polished up iteration of the cop in the shiny metal suit? Well, interestingly the film’s director Neil Blomkamp has confirmed that the classic look will be making a comeback.

The 2014 redesign which we don’t like because it’s different.

Speaking on that fountain of truth and tranquillity that is Twitter, Blomkamp was questioned on how Alex Murphy – the police officer left for dead and revived as the future of law enforcement – would look in Robocop Returns. Credit to him, (and EW) as his response was one million per cent original.

See. Told you.


As for the development of Robocop’s return in Robocop Returns, Blomkamp has assured fans that the script is “going well! Imagine watching Verhoeven do a follow up film.” Big statement to make  there, Mr Blomkamp. Let’s hope he can follow it up, else there will be…trouble.

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