Throwing tantalising comic-book movie table scraps to us peasants over the past few weeks, the details have finally been confirmed as to what Robert Downey Jr. was implying when he discussed the ‘other stuff’ Marvel had planned for Iron Man. As revealed by Variety, the House of Ideas are getting out their big guns to in preparation for the impending blockbuster war with DC, by having a war of their own that starts in Captain America 3.

Revealed by the trade today, RDJ is apparently close to signing up for making an appearance in Captain America 3 which will in turn set the stage for adapting the Civil War story arc that appeared in the comics back in 2006. Written by Kick-Ass creator Mark Millar, the series saw a disaster force the U.S. government to enact the Superhuman Registration Act that required anyone with special powers to show their secret identities. The move saw Tony Stark take the side of the government whilst Rogers opposes the idea and was forced to go on a run as a result. Things got messy by the end with Cap and Stark going toe-to-toe and the world changing forever…well, until the next big story arc.

It’ll be interesting to see what tweaks are put in place for bringing the story to life, considering that in the MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe), everyone and their superhero-loving uncle knows the true identities of Earth’s Mightiest Heroes so far, so there wouldn’t be much fuss about their identities. It’s also worth noting that a fair chunk of the original story also saw Stark and Rogers battle to get Spider-Man on their side, which of course can’t really happen seeing as Sony still own the web-slinger. That doesn’t look to be stopping the current state of the comic book world though, as prior to this announcement Marvel also revealed that they plan to tell tales of another Civil War next year to keep the fanboy fires burning.

Expect signs of hostility between Steve and Stark (isn’t there always?) on the tail end of Avengers: Age of Ultron which will be arriving on our screens May 1 next year. As for Captain America 3, that’ll be arriving the following year May 6.

What do you make of all this though? Are you excited to see the Avengers split with more than a Coulson killing to bring them back together? Or should Marvel pump the brakes on the comic book movie effort they don’t care to stop? Sound off in the comments below.


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