Good news and some bad news today Resident Evil fans. The good news is that the long-time zombie-erradicating angel of death, Milla Jovovich and director Paul W.S. Anderson are having a baby. The bad news that as a result the next instalment in Resident Evil is going to be postponed until next year. Let out as long a zombie groan as you see fit.

Breaking the news to fans herself, Jovovich made the smart move as mother-to-be and admitted that ‘pregnancy and zombie killing are the best combo’. True that, Jovovich. True that, indeed.

Originally, Resident Evil: The Final Chapter was prepped to get underway soon with an early release date in 2016. Now with the imminent pitter patter of tiny feet, the shuffling horde of decaying ones will most likely be held off until next year pushing the release to the other end of 2016, or maybe even 2017.

Whilst the franchise hasn’t been met with the greatest reaction from critics that hasn’t stopped the series making $915 million worldwide, so clearly there are still fans out there. Here’s hoping you can all wait patiently as The Final Chapter still waits to be opened somewhere down the line.

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