Today marks a new age. A new chapter in the topsy-turvy, upside-downy road that this little website has gone on. It’s veered off into some dark, unpredictable place called YouTube and has come out with it’s own video on the other side. The Reelgood Podcast has been revived with the help of Kei Dowrick @KeiStartsFires, who will be joining me, @nickstaniforth as we take a machete to the cinematic and gaming thicket, waving it around like we just don’t care and pretending that we know what we’re doing.

This week Scalebound gets the chop, Han Solo gets a Woody and we talk about a very Taboo subject that is Tom Hardy’s new TV show. We also reveal if La La Land is worth singing about and if Manchester By The Sea is worth visiting and mourn the loss of facial hair.

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