Disney have plans for the fairy tale fella.

A dashing gent who has swept many a fair maiden off their feet in fairy tales, Disney feel that Prince Charming should get some attention just like all so many characters have recently by giving him is own solo gig. Following in line of revisiting the classic stories like Beauty and the BeastCinderella and Sleeping Beauty by way of Maleficent, THR have revealed that a script is already in place thanks to Matt Fogel who will be bringing the royal stud to life.

Admittedly, he’s already made appearances to some extent with the aforementioned films (excluding Beauty and the Beast), so it’ll be interesting to see what story will be told this time around. Could we see a rather dopey Prince shamefully knock on every door with a glass slipper because he was too smashed to remember what his dream girl looked like from the night before? Will he be trying to learn the ways of the regal life, rather than be a loveable rogue in a Prince’s Diaries of sorts? Who cares really, it’ll still make tons if its got Disney’s name on it.

Interestingly, Fogel was assistant to Phil Lord and Chris Miller when they were having food fights in Cloudy With A Chance of Meatballs, so perhaps there’s a chance this could be a more oddball take on the fella we’re familiar with. Expect more details on this as it develops.

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