Proving that Netflix has more money than they really know what to do with, a brand new trailer for the Idris Elba comedy series Turn Up Charlie has been thrown into the mix in the hope it may get added to your watchlist. Frankly, you may be wondering what to make of it.

Taking the lead as a down-on-his-luck DJ who still lives with his Mum, Charlie (Elba) gets the chance to earn some cash when his old mate-turned-movie-star David hires him as a nanny for fiancée’s daughter, Gabby.

Charlie begrudgingly takes the gig, factoring in that Gabby’s mother Sara happens to have major connections to the music industry, seeing it as another chance to get his foot in the recording studio door. Honestly, from there it just seems mental.

Somewhere Craig David turns up, there’s a trip to what is most likely Ibiza, and a love triangle explodes right in time for a wedding ceremony between David, Sara and Charlie.  Luther, what have you done?

See the brand new trailer for Turn Up Charlie.

As a film, this might work. As a series, there’s really no telling how Elba’s rare turn at comedy could go and if you’ll turn down Turn Up Charlie halfway through, I really wouldn’t blame you. It’s set to hit Netflix March 15.


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