The clock is ticking.

The battle between film studios and their shaky camera wielding foes might – and it’s a big might – be coming to an end. After a number of attempts the MPAA have sent demands to the necessary torrent sites, giving them 24 hours to cease all activity, or face legal action.

Torrent Freak have reported that top European torrent sites are in direct violation of an EU law that prohibits them from giving users links to torrents of TV shows or films. That includes dodgy copies of Game of Thrones, or a version of Age of Ultron shot from under the arm of some brave cinemagoer. The letter was given the stamp of approval from Jan Van Voorn, the MPAA’s vice-president of global content protection and internet operations, explaining the following:

This Notice requires you to immediately (within 24 hours) take effective measures to end and prevent further copyright infringement…All opportunities provided by the Website to download, stream or otherwise obtain access to the Entertainment Content should be disabled permanently.”

This is the latest in a long line of battles between Hollywood and its net-inhabiting nemesis, with the last win going to the former when Megaupload had its plug pulled in 2012. The sites Kim Dotcom has yet to face US courts.

Admittedly, we can only watch the clock and see if any of this action by the MPAA will take effect. Currently, torrent sites have been hammered by users following the first four episodes of Game of Thrones leaking online, and the UK being pegged as the country leading the race in biggest number of downloads for HBO’s top show. Shame on us, then?

What do you think of the MPAA’s latest effort to stop the signal? Do you think this could be an end to pirating websites? Or do you think this is another small blip in and unstoppable and illegal activity?

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