Finally! Excuse me, while I kiss the sky.

Many moons ago, there was a time when a Greengrass-directed Jimi Hendrix biopic was as likely as him handling Bourne again, and look how the latter turned out. Yes, after many discussions and rights to the legend being kept under lock and key, the news is out that Paul Greengrass is finally going to get to work on a film about the late, and incredibly great musician.

Admittedly, this won’t be the first project to tackle the fascinating and sadly short career of the guitar-burning legend. Back in 2013, All Is By My Side, starring André Benjamin gave Jimi a jab failing mainly because they weren’t allowed to use a single note from his back catalogue of tunes. This privilege has finally been bestowed on Greengrass thanks to  Janie Hendrix, CEO of Hendrix Experience and Jimi’s sister, who is on board the project as executive producer.

As for the brave soul to step into the shoes of the icon, that is still uncertain. Back when the film was in its first attempt of being developed, Winter Soldier star Anthony Mackie was being eyed for the role. A nice choice considering that 8 Mile (yeah, remember him in that?) scribe Scott Silver is penning the script. Now though, times have changed, schedules have been stuffed with Marvel-based movies, and Mackie might not be able to take the job. Fingers crossed he can, as career-defining roles don’t come along very often.

Before Greengrass even touches this of course, he’ll be working on Bourne 4 with biro-wielding best mate, Matt Damon. You can expect to see him back in action in 2016 on July 15 for the U.K. and July 29 for the U.S.

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