Every legend has a beginning.

Flying in from the second star on the right, an all-new special effect spectacular teaser for Pan has arrived online. Hugh Jackman is smug, Garrett Hedlund seems charming and Levi Miller is having a great time in the middle of it as the saviour of Neverland.

Directed and written by Joe Wright, this brings a new take on J.M. Barrie’s classic literary hero. Seeing him whisked away on a pirate ship from an orphanage, Peter is introduced to legendary pirate, Blackbeard (Jackman) who fears the boy and a prophecy he could fulfil. Thankfully, he finds help in Tiger Lilly (Rooney Mara) and a fella by the name of Hook (Garret Hedlund), a new friend that we know will one day become his sworn enemy.

As gorgeous as it looks, I’m not fully sold on the film or the Peter they have in place. Having said that, Joe Wright is a more than capable filmmaker, so there’s a chance he could surprise us all with his new take on the boy who never grew up. See how he and the rest of the cast handle things when Pan arrives in cinemas October 16.

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