So if my investigations have concluded anything, it’s that my world is a damn sight darker due to the lack of Peru-born, marmalade loving bears in my life. Such is the burden I’m forced to bear (geddit?!) having missed out on last year’s heart-melting gem, Paddington 2In that case, it would be a safe bet to keep a close eye on the film’s director – Paul King – and his potential next project, Wonka, which will focus on everyone’s favourite fictional chocolatier.

Reports show that this third take on Wonka will in fact be a prequel, unwrapping the man behind the myth and how he became the world-famous sweet-maker. This history was briefly touched on in Tim Burton’s Charlie and the Chocolate Factory that had Johnny Depp in the role, but pales in comparison to the original classic that had Gene Wilder rolling into the character with perfection and making it his own. Sorry, Johnny.

THR have reported that Harry Potter producer, David Heyman will be keeping an eye on things, with Simon Rich (Inside Out, The Secret Life of Pets) polishing a script that you can bet is being guarded by a squad of Oompa-Loompa’s. Maybe.

It’s a big venture for the Paddington 2 planner to take on but considering the hugely positive response his take on the bear in the rain coat got, you can bet he’ll be able to give this character the same treatment. With details only just coming down the conveyer belt there’s no cast mentioned as of yet, or of the brave soul that will be taking on the larger life of role of the man in the hat. Feel free to place your bets, but personally my money’s on Richard Ayoade. You’re welcome.

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