Back before you asked your friend to stare at a video before an image popped up, scaring the pants off you seconds after you’ve soiled them, youngsters used to all sit around a Ouija board and pretend they were speaking to the dead. Naturally Hollywood ate that unholy and supernatural stuff right up and are now making a film about it. The good news is, there isn’t a handheld camera in sight. The bad news is that these kids are still dumb as a bag of hammers.

Following the death of her BFF Debbie, Elaine (Olivia Cooke) ropes in all her other chums who she probably isn’t that close to anyway and asks them round for a crack on the Ouija board in the hope of her contacting her dead mate. Immediately, terribly bad juju is unleashed and the group encounter unnatural forces that are keen bring them to their side of the board that coincidentally took Debbie in the first place. Little girl ghosts laugh, wind blows and doors slam shut by themselves. Needless to say it’s game over for the lot of them. Geddit? Because it’s a ga…ah, forget it.

Judge for yourself if Ouija is worth a look before it arrives in cinemas October 31. Of course it’s out then.


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