New-Still-For-The-WolverineWith every mutant-loving eye set on Bryan Singer’s Twitter account, a brand new still for The Wolverine appears to have snikt in through the shadows. Showing slightly more than the Days Of Future Past’s directors recent photo album of wheelchairs and MDF-made hallways, this new photo from Logan’s solo gig (and tweeted by director, James Mangold) instead breaks new ground by actually having a person in it. Bold move.


Yes, appearing to be in Japan and in no way happy about it, Hugh Jackman’s metal-laced loner is up against the wall of an unspecified location and could very close to popping his claws. Why? Well, maybe it’s because he’s really at a laundrette and someone switched his off mid-cycle? Maybe he’s in the gents toilet of a neon club and he’s been asked for money by one of those annoying toilet men? Maybe I have no idea and it’s something else entirely but it sure is fun to speculate.

As director James Mangold puts in the tweet the image was attached to, “the past is behind you, but the memories still remain” this is the problem our crazed Canuck will be facing as he tries to deal with his own immortality in The Wolverine. Set after the events of X-Men: The Last Stand, Logan ends up in Japan only to find trouble in the form of The Silver Samurai, a merciless foe who has his eye on our hero. Lives will be lost, boo-boo’s will be made and Logan will go be back at the being the best at what he does, even if it isn’t very nice.



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