Charlize Theron is so versatile, she could be on next year’s Gret British Bake Off, and I wouldn’t be surprised. Hey, it’s a long shot, but she seems to be taking them recently, particularly with her upcoming rom-com with Seth Rogen, which is actually titled Long Shot

Recently screened at SXSW and gone down an absolute storm, the film sees Theron as Charlotte Field, the US Secretary of State who crosses paths with a journalist she coincidentally used to babysit for, Fred Flarsky (Rogen).

After a quick catch-up, sparks begin to fly and love blooms as it always does. The question is, whether it can stand the test of Field’s intense run for the presidency, particularly with Flarsky’s wild lifestyle that threatens to collide with it.

The critics in their masses agree that Long Shot thrives from Rogen and Theron’ chemistry that looks to be in full swing here. This may not have been on your radar at the beginning of your year, but chances are this could be a surprise hit that you won’t be able to get away from when it arrives in cinemas May 3.

Could Rogen and Theron’s new movie be the rom-com of the year? Hey, it’s a #LongShot.

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