It looks like Dumb and Dumber To aren’t the only ones who look to be trying to match up with a Scarlett Johansson-ified poster. Just as those two nitwits have gone for a Lucy-a-like bit of imagery, the latest one sheet for Honeymoon does share a vague resemblance to some artwork for Under The Skin. Having said that, it shouldn’t put you off what sounds like a rather unsettling horror if the early reviews are anything to go by.

Described by The Playlist as ‘creepy as hell, the kind of movie that worms its way underneath your skin and sits there’, Honeymoon sees newly wed couple Paul (Harry Treadaway) and Bea (Rose Leslie) celebrate their recent knot tying by heading off to a remote lake. A few nights later though and Paul finds Bea wandering aimlessly in the woods and rushes her back to their cabin. From then on Paul suspects something definitely up with his beloved and soon the couple aren’t so ‘happy’ anymore.

Directed and co-written by Leigh Janiak, Honeymoon could be one of the other surprising horrors that could get the spine to tingle this year (another entry to the pile being The Babadook). At the moment there’s no confirmed U.K. release date but U.S. audiences can expect to see it in cinemas September 12.

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