Go rogue.


Following the release of the new posters a brand new trailer for the film has crept up behind them, along with a couple more wall dressings for good measure. Whilst still highlighting the Cruiser hanging from a plane, there’s also another lengthier look at the stunt down what looks to be a giant plughole. Will Ethan be able to handle it? Hopefully, with the assistance of returning team mates Jeremy Renner, Ving Rhames and Simon Pegg, that answer will be a resounding ‘yes’. Chances are though that Sean Harris mysterious bad lad (seen below in the latest poster additions) might put a stop to that.


Anyway, enough from me, I’ll let me from 17 hours ago take over from yesterday. Enjoy.


Away with your Avengers, be gone globe-shattering earthquakes. Tom Cruise is here in all his shady splendidness as IMF agent Ethan Hunt, along with the rest of his possible proving posse in some brand new one sheets. Benji’s on the way, hopefully.

Looking to be up to his next in shifty enemies and globe-trotting escapades, Ethan Hunt is trying to uncover a secret group – a rogue nation (see what they did there?) that is against everything the IMF stands for. Desperate to find out who is on which side, our hero must once again go undercover with his specially-trained group of allies to put a stop to this new menace before it’s too late.

Pictured below are the first of the posters out on show. Leading the way as we’d expect is Tom Cruise’s Ethan Hunt, followed by Jeremy Renner’s William Brandt, Rebecca Ferguson as secret side-switcher Ilsa and Alec Baldwin whose character is so secretive IMDB don’t even have details. Definite bad guy.

Rogue Nation will be going into action July 31.

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