Actress and anarchic horror helmer prep new television show.

Titan of trashy horror films, Rob Zombie, hasn’t been heard of in a while. His last film The Lords of Salem did’t really turn heads let alone have them screaming in terror. Thankfully, his brief silence isn’t down to being taken by one of his own creations or a demonic force taking hold, instead he’s lining up his next project that goes by the name of Trapped and is being backed by Mila Kunis.

Following in a recent trend of sending the scares to the small screen instead of the big, Trapped is actually another series being handled by Starz, who already have their hands full and chainsaws revved for Ash vs. The Evil Dead. Clearly their taste for blood has grown as they’re going to work on what sounds like an amusing but blood-soaked story that sees a rich family have their home invaded by a sinister cult. The series will supposedly span across one night in a 24-like fashion but with the torture scenes lasting a lot longer, and no one getting thanked by the President at the end of the day.


Rob Zombie, beard enthusiast and horror film maker.

Currently Mila Kunis’ involvement is purely on board as producer with Zombie dropping down on the directors chair for the odd episode. Joey Slamon – writer of Arrested Development – will be working on the script, which should suggest we’ll have as many giggles as we will gore. Could the cast die laughing? We can only wait and see.

Details stop dead right there at the moment, with not even an airdate being aimed for. Of course, with the surge of scary stories making their way to the airwaves recently (American Horror StoryScream: The TV SeriesBates Motel) expect that to change soon.

So, what do we think? Is this a project you’re interested in seeing? Or are things starting to get a bit cluttered when it comes to horror-based shows on the box? Sound off in the comments below.


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