MEL-EXPENDABLESIt seems that Mel Gibson is getting comfortable playing the bad guy. After appearing in the Machete Kills trailer as a missile-packing mental, he’s also set to be getting up the backs of Barney Christmas and co. in The Expendables 3. The news was revealed by Entertainment Weekly who also spilled that Antonio Banderas would be joining in the mach-boom fest as well.

The news follows on from the recent announcement that Harrison Ford would be joining the film in the space of Bruce Willis, whose departure has had a fair bit of coverage and one serious burn of a tweet. Now these three new additions will be muscling in alongside (deep breath now) Sylvester Stallone, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Jason Statham, Kellan Lutz, Ronda Rousey and Victor Ortiz. As well as these names, confirmation is still waiting on (another deep breath) Jackie Chan, Wesley Snipes, Nicolas Cage and Milla Jovovich as well.

Expect said cast list to expand and get ticks next to their names in the coming weeks but with the cast involved, could we have a more straight-shooting threequel on our hands or will it just mean more famous faces sticking their tongues firmly in their cheeks? Find out when The Expendables 3 arrives in cinemas next year.


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