Last time I checked Syfy weren’t the best when it came to programming, besides Sharknado and well, yup that’s it. Perhaps they could be on the way to gaining some credibility though with news that a deal is in place for the channel to air a series backed by none other than Matt Damon and Batman Ben Affleck.

Variety says that the pair are on board as executive producers for Incorporated which will be set in a world where corporations have unthinkable levels of power. Our attention will focus on one man’s effort to stick it to said corporations on a weekly basis, where neither Microsoft or McDonald’s are safe from our hero. It probably won’t be them of course, but they should certainly watch their back.

David and Alex Pastor are on board to write the pilot with The Good Wife’s Ted Humphrey running the show. The hopes are that Incorporated can be added to the growing list of shows that are intended to raise the bar a tad for the channel, along with Hunters (coming from The Walking Dead’s Gale Anne Hurd). Whilst there’s a smudge of originality seeping through, Syfy also have a slot in January planned for a TV series based on 12 Monkeys. Two steps forward and one step back, I guess.

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