Thor blimey, did not see that coming.

In a recent decision that I can only imagine was set upon after Kevin Feige blindly threw a dart at a wall full of names, What We Do In The Shadows director Taika Waititi has been asked to hop on the Bifrost to helm upcoming Thor-eequel, Thor: Ragnarok.

Not the most obvious choice to deal with Asgardian events admittedly, but an interesting one nonetheless. A name not well-known, it certainly caught enough attention thanks to his writing and directing effort with vampire comedy, What We Do In The Shadows. Others might remember him for indy and incredibly oddball comedy, Eagle vs. Shark.

It’s strange to think how his flavour of filmmaking will fit with a film that’s got a subtitled loosely translated to ‘the final destiny of the gods’. Of course, whenever even a sliver of doubt is cast over Marvel, one can always use the defence that we now see a talking tree and a weapon-wielding racoon as their most popular heroes. No one saw that coming.

We can only wait and see what he delivers when Thor: Ragnarok lands in cinemas in November, 2017.

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