Arya interested in cannibals?

Maisie Williams is bloody incredible. There’s really no denying it. After the Emmy-award winning Peter Dinklage she’s a favourite with a story arc that hasn’t slipped since Game of Thrones began. It makes complete sense then that roles are being thrown at her left, right and centre, and most recently taking the lead in YA zombie adaptation The Forest Of Hands And Teeth.

Reports from Variety reveal that Williams is apparently in talks to take the central role of the upcoming film, based on the Carrie Ryan book of the same name. For a bit more reassurance that would suggest this won’t be some lacklustre tween-magnet of a movie, Edge of Tomorrow director Doug Liman is producing as well, and director Kate Maberly is on board to direct.

Another entry in the pantheon of page-turners that are getting snatched up in time for when The Hunger Games end, The Forest Of Hands And Teeth is set in another nightmarish future where the human race has been hit with a bloodthirsty virus that turns folk in to crazed cannibals. Williams plays Mary, one of the few survivors left who wants out of her village and is willing to risk the dangers beyond the wall (no, not that one) to do it. Joined by a small group, Mary must venture out of the safe zone and head into the forest and into certain danger.

No stranger to gory horrors with her turn as Arya Stark, Williams could probably work well in this role and would make for a nice addition for her blossoming career in film. After already appearing in The Falling and soon to be appearing with Jason Sudeikis and Jessica Biel in The Devil and the Deep Blue Sea, there’s still rumours going round that she could be down to Ellie in the big screen adaptation of popular video game The Last of Us. One post-apocalyptic world at a time though, eh?

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