The super mutant team he’s associated with may have slipped last year with X-Men: Age Of Apocalypse but there’s no denying the fans are in high anticipation of Wolverine’s final(?) solo outing in James Mangold’s Logan. One man that can’t express that excitement enough is the director, himself, who continues to give us a glimpse at just what kind comic book movie is headed our way, courtesy of his Twitter account We have to see this, beast. Immediately.

Returning as the crazed Canook for an unbelievable ninth time, Hugh Jackman looks still as pissed as he’s always been, albeit old and a little grey. Also in the new snaps we see Patrick Stewart as the worn down hero of mutantkind, Charles Xavier and Dafne Keen as X-23.

Already confirmed as being stamped with a heavy R-rating in the U.S. (thank Deadpool for that), Logan doesn’t only promise to be brutal but packing some emotional heft that we’ve never seen from Hugh Jackman’s iconic alter-ego. Good mate and true Canadian, Ryan Reynolds has already deemed the film as being Oscar-worthy from what he’s seen so far, as well. Now that could be hype but it could be some promising opinions from a film that could once again turn the page on the comic book genre in a way we didn’t see coming.

Prepare for the claws to come out when Logan’s violent swan song hits the big screen March 3, later this year.

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