Winning was in his blood.

The rise and fall of Lance Armstrong is one for the record books, and not the ones he broke courtesy of his performance enhancing drugs. The shocking effort the once respected sportsman went to in his race for glory is a great story to tell, and one that looks to be one worth watching following the trailer of Stephen Frears’ The Program.

Based on the book Seven Deadly Sins: My Pursuit of Lance Armstrong, the film focuses on its author David Walsh (Chris O’Dowd) and his effort to uncover the truth behind a sportsman whose career was too good to be true. Of course it was, and as Walsh goes attempts to blow the whistle on sports hero, we also see Armstrong’s side of the story depicted by the hugely underused actor, Ben Foster.

Joined by Lee Pace, Bryan Greenberg, Jesse Plemons, Guillaume Canet and Dustin Hoffman this looks to be a promising tale of obsession, focusing on both the man who tried to outrun the world, and the one trying to stop him. Sign me up.

Currently there is no confirmed release date for The Program but expect it to be switching on some time later this year.



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