Knight-Rider-FilmEven though the idea of a talking car doesn’t really seem that fantastic anymore after three Transformers films and drivers that can now have Marge Simpson on their Tom Tom, that hasn’t stopped The Weinstein Company from revving their creative engine with plans for a new Knight Rider film. Talk of giving the classic TV show a big screen adaptation had been going on for ages, dying down after a reboot was made back in 2008 only to be cancelled after its first season. Now The LA Times reports that a new screenwriter has been driven in to get to work on a feature film in the hope they can bring back K.I.T.T. for a good film and in no way a franchise fuelled money spinner.

Now who could dare to start scribbling up this script? Which high-octane, action-packed storyteller could deliver such a top gear standard entry? Well, if you were thinking ‘why not hire the guy who wrote the US version of The Inbetweeners?’ then stop right there as that’s exactly what’s been done. Yes, the scribe behind that star-spangled (and might we add, cancelled) version of the great British comedy, Brad Copeland is the man for the job – apparently. He’ll be set to revive Michael Knight, a lone crusader in a dangerous world who has a car that can boost jump and deliver witty one-liners like nobody’s business. Hurrah!

Thankfully, Copeland’s resume doesn’t stop there either, this fella also wrote that biker bum-egg comedy, Wild Hogs and equally welcome big-screen take on Yogi Bear as well. Expect details on whether or not the Hoff will be making an appearance in this film that sounds doomed before it’s even begun very soon.


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